SARM’s – What are they


SARM’s – What are they

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The acronym SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are hormones that serve as a lock and key model with androgen receptors found on your cells. Simply, these receptors are involved in pathways that when activated, allow for greater expression of genes (in this case genes involved in muscle growth, recovery, etc…)

Benefits of SARMs

SARMS offer many of the same benefits that other agents such as testosterone or anabolic steroids, with a much lower probability of producing the undesirable side effects that can occur with these agents.

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Joint Healing Abilities
  • Decreased Unwanted Side Effects

What SARMs are available?

There are hundreds of possible SARMS out there, however, there are only a select few that are currently available and applicable to the bodybuilding and fitness world. The most popular available SARMS are:

  • Ostarine (MK-2866)
  • Andarine (S-4)
  • Cardarine (GW-501516)
  • Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

So you may be asking why are these agents beneficial for people looking for an extra edge in the bodybuilding/fitness/athletic world. As mention before, the problems with traditional anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement therapy arise from their undesirable side effects and testing/regulations in professional competition and sport.

Unwanted Side Effects of Steroids/Testosterone Replacement include:
• Potential stimulation of prostate cancer
• Male pattern baldness
• Acne
• Body hair growth or
• Gynecomastia (male breast development)
• High blood pressure
• Liver toxicity
• Cholesterol imbalance
• Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (Heart growth)
• Shutdown of your own Testosterone production

So why are SARMS so great? They have the ability to stimulate the androgen receptors only found in muscle tissue, not other tissues in the body, which attributes to them being able to prevent most if not all of the side effects mentioned above.

Why Do Bodybuilders Use SARMs

  • Lean muscle growth
    • Preventing muscle loss during cutting/weight loss
    • Injury rehabilitation
    • PCT use after anabolics

Suggested Cycling of SARMs

Bulking Cycle
If you’re looking for lean mass gains, using Ostarine (MK-2866) for 4-8 weeks at a dose of about 25mg, which will typically produce 6 pounds of lean mass gains, not water bloat like other prohormones and muscle builders.

Cutting Cycle
If you’re looking to cut body fat and keep lean mass gains, using Andarine (S4) for 4-8 weeks at a dose of 50mg will produce significant cutting effects for you. For the best cutting cycle out there, stack Andarine (S4) and Ostarine (MK-2866) along with Cardarine (GW 501516).

Strength Cycle
If you’re looking to increase strength without a large increase in weight, Andarine (S4) again used for 4-8 weeks at doses of 50mg which will produce excellent results.

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