Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra

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Product Overview

Hi-Tech Pharma Lipodrene Hardcore

Buy Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra HTP's strongest and most hardcore fat burning agent and diet aid. Combining all of the great things about the best selling fat burner of all time, as it was in its previous formulation, Lipodrene Hardcore with Ephedra utilizes a rapid release tablet. This means that you will begin to see and feel the effects of this powerful supplement much sooner compared to traditional fat burners. Plus with all the weight loss potential that the natural ingredient, Ephedra, provides. There is no better supplement to add to your diet and exercise, which are always recommended to be done alongside a supplement, for you to achieve and crush your weight loss goals.

Benefits of this powerful fat burner:

  • Increased Energy & Focus
  • Longer Lasting Sustained Energy
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Powerful Appetite Suppression

Lipodrene Hardcore w/Ephedra Reviews:

Consumer reviews are in and fat is losing the battle. Users are reporting increased fat loss in problem areas in addition to other areas, sustained energy throughout the day without crash, powerful suppression of appetite as well as increased focus and alertness.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings per Container: 90

Proprietary Blend Thermo-Rx and Extend-Rx Technologies 325mg *

Ephedra Extract25mg  (leaves), Senegalia Berlanderi Extract (leaves) [Yielding 200mg Phenylethylamine Alkaloids, Including: Methylsynephrine, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, N,N Dimethylphenylethylamine and Phenylethylamine], 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl, Citrus Aurantium 60% Extract (supplying 20mg Synephrine alkaloids), Cassia Nomame Extract (plant), Naringen (fruit), Evodiamine, 5-Methoxytryptamine HCl, Yohimbe 8% Extract (bark)

Proprietary Tri-Xanthine Blend 335mg *

Guayusa Extract, Green Tea Extract, and Theobroma Cocoa Extract (standardized to 200mg Caffeine and 25mg Theobromine)

*Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Dextrose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Starch, Triacetin, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40.

Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1-2 tablets in the morning and 1 after lunch. Do not exceed 4 tablets in a 24-hour period.

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