1-Testosterone Stack

1-Testosterone Stack

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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone Pro Hormone Stack

HTP 1-Testosterone Pro Hormone Stack, a highly anabolic pro hormone containing 110 mg per tablet of 1-Andro. History has shown that 1-Andro is one of the best pro hormones ever produced. Not only will the Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone Stack help you build mass and enhance strength you will see increased aggression and intensity when you are in the gym. This pro hormone stack brings you the very best of the best when it comes to building muscle, protecting your organs and maintaining your very hard earned results for a longer amount of time. It really is an all in one stop whenever you decide to begin your cycle. You should always consider using post cycle support in order to protect your results. Organ protection and health is another very important factor to consider whenever starting a cycle. This stack has got you well covered in all aspects. With supplements for muscle mass, recovery and organ health all included.

1-Testosterone Pro Hormone Stack Benefits:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Provides organ support and protection
  • Enhanced post-cycle recovery


HTP 1-Testosterone Stack Includes:

1 Bottle Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-Testosterone Prohormone

1 Bottle Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Laxogenin 100

1 Bottle Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Liver Rx

1 Bottle Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimistane

How to Take the 1-Testosterone Prohormone Stack:

Weeks 1-3: 1 tablet of 1-Testosterone twice daily (1 tab every 12 hours)

Weeks 1-4: 1 tablet of Laxogenin 100 twice daily (1 tab every 12 hours). 3 tablets of Liver Rx daily (can be taken all at once)

Weeks 3-6: 1 tablet of Arimistane twice daily (1 tab every 12 hours)


Weeks 1-3: Take 1 tablet of 1-Testosterone two times daily (8-12 hours apart).
Weeks 1-4: Take 1 tablet of Laxogenin 100 two times daily (8-12 hours apart). Take 3 tablets of Liver-Rx daily.
Weeks 3-6: Take 1 tablet of Arimistane two times daily (8-12 hours apart).

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Gwin (Verified Buyer)

    Very good for building lean muscle.

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