Hi-Tech Pros

Hi-Tech Pros

Icon Supp Store is home to a fine collection of supplements from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals. Known as an industry leader for dynamic performance enhancing supplements, Hi Tech Pharma prohormones and SARMs can drastically improve your post-workout results. Don't start your fitness journey without Hi Tech supplements. Shop our selection today!

Trust in the Reliability of Supplements by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

For more than 40 years, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been a leading manufacturer of dietary and pharmaceutical supplements designed to benefit the sports nutrition industry. Using the latest in cutting-edge technology, Hi Tech supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients to provide excellent, long-lasting results with every use. These products include pills intended for weight-loss, strength enhancement and even sexual performance.

Hi Tech Pharma proudly uses scientific knowledge and support to back its large catalog of nutraceutical products. The goal is to ensure that all supplements are 100 percent safe for consumption and fully-effective. Regardless of the intended use, men and women everywhere can depend on Hi Tech supplements to support their health or fitness goals.

Order Hi Tech Pharma Products

At Icon Supp Store, we offer the finest Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals products to meet the fitness needs for each of our customers. From prohormones to SARMs, our Hi-Tech product line features powerful supplements that support intense workouts to maximize lean muscle and strength gains.

Some of the products that we carry include:


If you’re looking for a great new supplement to kickstart your fitness journey, check out our selection of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals products or contact us today if you have any questions.